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Women's Ministries Director

Lorna Gosnell

Lorna Gosnell

Indiana Women’s Ministries Director

Lorna is third generation Church of God. She was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but moved to Western North Carolina as an infant. She and her husband, David, married in 1978. They have three children: Crista Barnes married to Joel of Eastern North Carolina; David C. married to Amanda of South Georgia; and Jonathan who is a traveling nurse, currently serving in Seattle, Washington. David and Lorna have six grandchildren, Ava Grace, Ethan Joel, and Olivia Mae Barnes; and Ella Paige, Lexington Gray, and David Woodrow Gosnell.

Her ministry has consisted of serving beside her husband while evangelizing in North Carolina and Arkansas for the first years of their marriage; pastoring in Eastern North Carolina; Malvern, Arkansas; and Springdale, Arkansas before beginning their ministry in state Youth and Discipleship work where they served for 22 years. They served the Midlands (Iowa/Nebraska); West Virginia; Kentucky; Eastern North Carolina; South Georgia and Tennessee. After serving as state Youth and Discipleship directors, they returned to the Midlands to serve as Administrative Bishop four years.

In 2010, they were both appointed to serve as Adult Discipleship Coordinators, with special emphasis for men and women respectively. On February 1, 2017, they were appointed to serve as Administrative Bishop and wife of Indiana. During her ministry, she authored the International Girls Ministries program for the Church of God on three separate occasions, and has written articles for Engage, Evangel and various other publications.

Her greatest passion is serving her Lord and Savior and to lead others as they grow closer to Christ.